A preliminary schedule is attached below. Some things on this schedule are unlikely to change (i.e., mealtimes, coffee break, and the field trip). However, in the interest of permitting discussion and debate where appropriate, we'd like the rest of the schedule to remain somewhat flexible. The composition of the working groups, and their goals, will be discussed on the first morning of the meeting.

Informal dinner and drinks. Further information about a meeting time and place will be provided when you check into the hotel.

9:00-9:45: Introductory remarks by organizers and discussion of working group organization
9:45-10:00: Weintraub - Science education and outreach at NESCent: What can we do for you?

10:00-10:30: COFFEE

10:30-11:00: Mann - Overview on Caribbean tectonics and paleogeography
11:00-11:15: Iturralde-Vinent - The paleogeographic approach to Caribbean historical biogeography
11:15-11:30: MacPhee - Updating GAARlandia: landspans, portals, and fossils
11:30-11:45: Hedges - The origin of West Indian terrestrial vertebrates
11:45-12:00: Graham - Plants, plant diversity, and terrestrial environments in the Antilles during the Cenozoic

Noon-1:00: LUNCH

1:00-1:15: Santiago - Phylogenetics and biogeography of Caribbean-endemic plant genera: a summary on current projects at the University of Puerto Rico
1:15-1:30: Rodriguez - Phylogeny and Biogeography of Poeciliinae (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae)
1:30-1:45: Glor - Biogeography of Anolis lizards and the quest for calibration
1:45-2:00: Perkins - Hints from hitchhikers: What parasites can tell us about the dispersal and evolution of West Indian Anoles

2:00-2:15: Hellberg - ?Y en el mar? The geography of differentiation among Caribbean marine taxa
2:15-2:30: Domning - West Indian biodiversity: a marine perspective

2:30-3:00 COFFEE


9:00-9:15: Knouft - IslandNet
9:15-9:30: Penney - Bioinclusions in amber: an exceptional data source for studies of Caribbean historical biogeography

9:30-9:45: Gillespie - Oceanic islands as models for understanding species diversity
9:45-10:00: Losos - Parallel community evolution of Anolis lizards across the Greater Antilles

10-10:30 COFFEE

10:30-10:45: Thorpe - Allopatry & ecology in the divergence of Lesser Antillean anoles
10:45-11:00: Hollocher - Patterns of variation as they relate to colonization history in the Caribbean Drosophila cardini group
11:00-11:15: Malhotra - Intraspecific diversity in the Dominican anole (Anolis oculatus)
11:15-11:30: Schneider - Local adaptation and speciation in anoles

Noon-6:00: Field trips


9:00-noon: WORKING GROUPS (10-10:30 COFFEE)

Noon-1: LUNCH

1:00-6:00: WORKING GROUPS (3-3:30 COFFEE)