Talk Titles

Historical Context: Geology/Paleontology
Iturralde-Vinent The paleogeographic approach to Caribbean historical biogeography
Domning West Indian biodiversity: a marine perspective
MacPhee Updating GAARlandia: landspans, portals, and fossils
Donovan & Renema East, west, north, south: an invertebrate's eye view of marine migration to the Caribbean
Paul Mann Overview on Caribbean tectonics and paleogeography
Penney Bioinclusions in amber: an exceptional data source for studies of Caribbean historical biogeography
Graham Plants, plant diversity, and terrestrial environments in the Antilles during the Cenozoic
Hedges The origin of West Indian terrestrial vertebrates
Hellberg ?Y en el mar?  The geography of differentiation among Caribbean marine taxa
Perkins Hints from hitchhikers: What parasites can tell us about the dispersal and evolution of West Indian Anoles
Santiago Phylogenetics and biogeography of Caribbean-endemic plant genera: a summary on current projects at the University of Puerto Rico
Rodriguez Phylogeny and Biogeography of Poeciliinae (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae)
Ricklefs Exploring the dynamics of Lesser Antillean avifauna
Glor Biogeography of Anolis lizards
Adaptive Radiation
Losos Parallel community evolution of Anolis lizards across the Greater Antilles
Gillespie Oceanic islands as models for understanding species diversity
Intraspecific variation and speciation
Thorpe Allopatry & ecology in the divergence of Lesser Antillean anoles
Hollocher Patterns of variation as they relate to colonization history in the Caribbean Drosophila cardini group
Malhotra Intraspecific diversity in the Dominican anole (Anolis oculatus)
Schneider Local adaptation and speciation in anoles
Special Topics
Knouft IslandNet: an informatics resource for the study of Caribbean biodiversity
Weintraub Science education and outreach at NESCent: What can we do for you?